Lazy Spider

Lazy Spider is an online store that sells everything and nothing. Lazy Spider offers a gigantic variety of new products and fantastic opportunities. Lazy Spider is there for you and you are there for her! Lazy Spider creates a web of nonsense amazing illusions! Lazy Spider launches every week exactly what you need! Lazy Spider likes the image of imaginary objects. You will love it!

Lazy Spider offers promotions from non existing objects from a non existing online store. During the residency, Lazy Spider will share with the public a different collection of promotions every week. Visit our website to see what’s new on the Lazy Spider web ;)

Lazy Spider is created by Ersi Varveri to explore the joy of making nonsense objects and promote them online.

Lazy Spider is fuzing icons and values, and definitely questions that necessity of the abundance of physical objects and – why not – the art work.