In Between

Once my ideas are clear enough on paper, I switch to the virtual place. There, it’s a completely other experience of space and time. No more small page and quick drawing; the empty space is endless and drawing gets deeper. What does it mean to move from the sketchbook to the immersive environment? I don’t believe that my 3D drawing is »just« a transcript of my drawing on paper. Can ideas be independent of technique? Can technique overwhelm the ideas? Being that space with the possibility of creation is already a strong and new experience in itself, so do we stay close to the ideas or let ourselves go into a sensory exploration? It is tempting to get carried away by of drawing lines without any limitation, but for me what also matters is to transmit my ideas in an immersive way, which means that the viewer would feel concerned, surrounded, overwhelmed and not in a quiet face-to-face situation.

Apart from aesthetic or technical aspects, I didn’t find what deeply differentiates my practice of drawing on paper from drawing in space. I would like to further explore the spatial and temporal meanings, explore gestures, the appearance of a drawing … while passionately continuing to represent subjects that concern and fascinate me. Is it possible? In all cases, the use of a technological device must remain simple and intuitive. I think that’s among the things that the device allows.