If a Manifesto


art; art art arts, art art, art art art art -art

was, is, to be, are, is dividing, is, are, are, waste, recalls, double, are, are, be, implies, does become, refuses, to be, assumes, deny, establishes, conditions, say, think, intend, is, say, do, notice, makes, refers, existed, is.

Once, the public and the artists are all on bookshelves. The questions of art, antiart and nonart waste our time: building a train station in a luncheonette maybe the only life decision and the context may be as probably art – one else aware of it as art makes a philosophical life. Willfully there is no clear difference.

»If a Manifesto« is an experimental publication based on Allan Kaprow’s Manifesto, from 1966. The original published pages were taken from Essays on The Blurring of Art and Life, by Allan Kaprow, edited by Mike Kelley, University of California Press, 1993.