My subject was a complicated one but an interesting one, and it’s not easy to find information. Because there are many sources of information that contradict each other. And of course the different protagonists have opposing opinions. I’m not an expert in politics at all, but I know about one thing, which is that a big and rich country like the United States never takes positions without benefitting from it. They have no problem with problematic people, and Iyad Allaoui is not one of them. He was chosen as acting prime minister by the American government. Maybe it’s a man of the people with only good intentions, but, like I said, the United States act in their personal interest, so maybe he is just a puppet. For my project I chose to do photomontage and to imitate the kind of humor of a satirical newspaper. For that you have to force the line and exaggerate the hypothetical point reproachable to the man (here it’s the dirty money and the fact that he follows orders etc …). And you can do links with other political affair (merci pour ce moment is the name of the book written by Francois Hollande’s ex-wife, Valérie Trierweiler)


Antoine Babinet,, 2019