Hidden Treasures

During the 25 years of Solitude’s existence, an impressive number of writers have passed through Akademie Schloss Solitude, some spending more time at this special place, some less. Some Solituders selected their favorite book from the large amount of literature that has been produced at Solitude and then left behind by fellows. Listen to them reading a few lines from their personal favorites, which they’ve dug out of the library’s bookshelves, and read about the memories and feelings influenced their choice.


Jennifer Weller reading Vipul Rikhi’s Allein jenseits der Zeit in German and English.


»It was I / suffering / humanity« was a sentence that stuck with me. I felt it reflecting a sentiment many people around me grew familiar with during the global and national political changes within the recent months and years.
As a new member of Solitude staff, I had a totally unbiased, open-minded view regarding the choice for my selected book. I don’t share a story with many former fellows, so I chose what literature spoke to me.

Vipul Rikhi’s poems Allein jenseits der Zeit (English Title Alone Beyond The Time) were written during his stay at Akademie Schloss Solitude 2010/2011.

(Jennifer Weller, Solitude Library and Archive Intern, on Vipul Rikhi’s Allein jenseits der Zeit)