Growing Web-Literature Wants Darlings to be Alive! Save the Darlings!

Hyperlink-essays: Reality appears as we draw our ray of attention to it. The lens of writing, speaking, hearing, watching video – all processes of rendering and sharpening. Without these lenses, so many moments would disappear into hidden places and remain there, like in the deepest forest of the Internet.

Hyperlink-essays demand to be a piece of literature by using the channels and tools of the World Wide Web. Seven text-based rhizomes – literary hybrids are weaved, also by dodging the »systems of thought-security« mankind – animal – machine – plant, e.g. by observing the growing of the »inner Mongolia,« the »merge of a single nerd with his fungus.« The text doesn’t want to stay fixed and trapped, but instead nourished by the trails of its subtexts/videos and sounds.

An inherent trickster-mechanism lies within this simulation of infinity. The hyperlink-essay-clan tries to decode the neuralgic points inside the authors (and, careful, the text’s mind) which will constantly bring you back to certain text passages. Also, this mechanism allows only selected members to participate in the moments of creation.

This web project is a decentralised farm, hiding osmotically but also protected within the World Wide Web and dealing with non-linear reading, writing, and perceiving issues, the hidden fragments and the thoughts that come afterwards. The darlings that usually need to disappear.

The project can be observed, growing by a daily addition of new hyperlink and written mindsets. #facebookpostincluded
Languages of use are mainly German, English, dialectic fragements, and visual trails (e.g. Robert Wilson, Voom portraits). The basic programming of the platform is in process, facilitated by a grant of Autonome Provinz Bozen.