The Governing Sky and the Ordinary Sky

Memory is a trickster. Often memories are triggered by a sound, a smell, the color of the sky at a specific hour, their sudden presence overwhelming, crystal clear. A second later they are gone. Leading a prolific double life – always at two places at once – their presence is a reminder of absence. The impression of a person, a friendship is bound to moments of togetherness and changes over time, distance, and age.

These lyrical reflections attune to shared experiences, conjured up from memory. Without respect for chronology, they set out to separate and develop a life of their own. In company with sound sketches, recorded by Ferruccio Persichini and Elmar Mellert during one week spent together at Akademie Schloss Solitude, they resonate.

An homage by Elmar Mellert.

Italian translation by Rossana Marullo Mellert.


Il Dono Del Cervo, Ferruccio Persichini (Angelo Branduardi Cover)

The Prince's Returnal (From Riding Out), Elmar Mellert

1874, In The Shop I Was Working, Ferruccio Persichini