Ghana/London, UK, 22.11.2016

Frederik, phd researcher tourism Management

SD: What comes to your mind if you think about the world of today?

F: For me when I… sometimes I ask myself what this whole universe or the world is all about. Where do we come from, you know, as humans. And where do we go back at the end of the day. And for how long will the world be. I ask all those questions. You know, I try to ask what kind of being is responsible for this whole thing that is called the world. And is there, you know, any other place that humans can live outside this kind of environment. One other thing is, I try to ask questions about what it is like as humans. We always, we come into the world and there we want to achieve something, everybody is trying to get something, to make their life better, all the time you are thinking about it, people are worried about where you start from, your parents put you into school because they want you to become a better person and then you move on and on and you do all sort of courses, you achieve this, you achieve that, and at the end of the day: what? ok, you have achieved it all, what again? Then maybe 100 years maximum if you can get there, you die (off), and then where do you go? I still…this is one thing I am trying to find answers to, and it’s not, I don’t quite get it…you know. I’m not always satisfied with the kind of conclusions I make in my mind, whether I am actually right. I always try to think, when you, is there another place that you go and is it like this again where you meet people, talk to them and you struggle for your daily bread you know, there is joy and everything – or is that just all about it? And who is behind all this? That’s my concern.