GGGRU_RAWR [Reconfigurable Asynchronous Web Robot]

RAWR is a web worm that is spying and analyzing large data sets. The project is a social experiment that deals with hidden data, systems that reacts in a very short time and security panic. RARL is looking for data concerning bio-terrorism tactics, synthetic life, new bacteria, epidemic,across several agencies and companies – local, state, international as DARPA, NSA, Consortium for Polynucleotide Synthesis etc. The project interests also purely »psychological« response and related social chain reactions.

The project reveals to how data are depicted and connected in the Internet and shows how to predict some future events. The software does not only report past events, but infer the probability of future events. The emphasis should be placed on the word »future«. The project does not report past events, but reflect the probability of future events. In a sense, the project predicts some SUPRAINFINIT future scenarios.