Getting Into Your Screens’ Space

This project will investigate, condense and represent Hong Kong, a screen-saturated city, through a navigable, virtual environment.

During the first three weeks of the residency I will be in Hong Kong. Hong Kong is an ideal location for an investigation and virtualization of »ultimate display,« being home to the world’s largest display (the facade of the 108-story International Commerce Centre, ICC) as well as a plethora of other screens that permeate the city’s interior and exterior spaces. In fact, it is due to an abundance and density of electronic signage that Hong Kong continues to be the most light-polluted city on Earth; if any city might be considered a screen in and of itself, Hong Kong is certainly a candidate.

During this first phase, I will collect images and data from as many screens as I possibly can within outdoor, indoor, commercial, domestic, situated and transitional spaces. Every time I encounter a screen, I will photogrammetize it as an object and also capture images and video from its display output (and capture its sound if available).

For the final two weeks of the residency, I will be back at my home in Indiana, USA. It is there that I will realize and create my own »ultimate display,« incorporating the collected imagery from all of the screens that I encountered and captured from, into a single, navigable virtual space.

The result of this project will be a virtual environment that encapsulates and condenses a place and time from within a city-screen.