Gazaעזה غزة

At the end of 2012 Israel conducted an »operation« in the Gaza strip, mainly attacking different »targets« by air force. The official pretext was to strengthen the deterrence impact of Israel, following the rockets sent by Hamas. Attacks like this also occurred in 2008 and in the summer of 2014, with names like »Operation Cast Lead,« »Strong Cliff,« and »Pillar of Cloud.« I didn’t feel very strong. I felt weak and hollow. I felt that the children in Gaza and southern Israel don’t deserve such promises of bombs over their heads every few years.

In 2012 I went to demonstrations against the assault on Gaza and realized that I am a stranger in my own society. The sensation of blood-thirst in Israel was so strong that the only image people had of Gaza was a place devoid of humans, only terrorists. Demons.

In 2014 Gaza became the garbage hole of the Israeli media. I was depressed. I went to demonstrations again, but felt paralyzed and couldn’t do any creative work.

I felt the the need for urgent response and I used the most instant media I know: Facebook. This virtual space is sometimes used as a platform for debating and arguing. I didn’t want to debate. I had nothing to convey except my frustration and desperation. So I used this tool as a stage for instant web posters I made with a few words and public domain images.

Now: End of May 2016, and summer is approaching. In Israel/Palestine the temperatures can reach more than 40 degrees Celsius. The political environment within Israeli society is boiling more than ever. I am staying in Schloss Solitude this summer, that is a very different climate.