From Berlin to Dschang –
A Conversation in Images

Midway between epistolary exchange and curatorial statement, Japhet Miagotar from Cameroon and Paula Bulling from Germany write illustrated letters to each other. In Miagotar’s letters to Paula, he briefly highlights his life from childhood to art school and adulthood. This serves as the backdrop from which he is able to observe and comment on the society around him, as well as discuss his approach to art. Bulling also writes about her childhood, family, and surroundings, pointing out what their art has in common and how it differs. She describes her surroundings and the current sociopolitical environment in Algeria, which she is able to follow through Facebook. The result is a beautiful narrative, full of insight, into the lives of two people. The stories are written in two different styles, but in conversation with each other. Additional read an interview with Japhet Miagotar the here.