Everything We Do Not Know

his face has no expression
we don’t know where he slept last night
in a hotel, in his home, or in a random bed
we don’t know any of his favorite things
nor what troubles his sleep
we don’t know if he opens his eyes under water
we don’t know what scenes play out in his mind right now
is he casting blame or are the shores of his mind caressed by the waves
his face is motionless
if he weren’t sipping his coffee from time to time
he would look like a statue
we don’t know if he’s an artist or a plumber
we don’t know how many pages are in his CV
nor what he wanted to be as a child
we don’t know f he’s gay or straight nor is it nice to wonder
we don’t know if there are others who bear his name
we don’t know the last time he looked someone in the eyes
we don’t know the results of the tests from the envelope on the table
and he doesn’t want to know either