tabula repletus


Archivist’s note: I uploaded the UltraBasic of this archive onto my own mind for research purposes and recorded my experiences below:

6am: Waking up from a faint noise outside – I know it’s a giant ibis and I know they have migrated from the Eastern Islands where they were predominantly based in L21, I know it is of the genus Thaumatibis and I know it weighs and average of 4.2kg when fully grown. I’m a bit groggy from a bad night’s sleep (flashing blue light to indicate knowledge transfer kept me up) so it takes me a few seconds to know that I know this.

8am: My coffee was perfect. I ground it a little longer than usual because I felt it was worth experimenting, and it really was. I felt a strange distrust of the lacto tablets even though I normally put them in everything – perhaps this is because they didn’t exist when the UltraBasic was made?

12:30pm: I have an overwhelming lack of interest in finishing the rare paper novel I was reading so avidly yesterday. I don’t feel the need to discover anything new, but I can also acknowledge this fact. It’s a very weird feeling. Like curiosity observed from a distance.

3pm I have come to the realisation that my situation is quite unique. As the UltraBasic was no longer in common use during my childhood, and of course due to the fact I was unconventionally raised on very traditional L21 methods, I have forged my own facts, thoughts and experiences. I therefore have ideas that contradict and undermine the UltraBasic Pack, so I don’t really know what to believe anymore. Authentically, the UltraBasic would have exclusively formed the child (and later adult) ‘s perception of the world so it wouldn’t be a question of wanting it or not…so would it have mattered? It hurts to think about it.

I’ll definitely be uninstalling the Pack tonight.