In Data Shop, it is the Viewer who will Fill the Role of the Sale and Purchase of Personal Data

Every day we make more use of the Internet from mobile devices, and we have more access to devices that are always connected (wereables, Internet-of-Things) recording our GPS, our heartbeat, while we sleep, our weight, kilometers that we do during the day,…

At the same time, we are rarely aware of the digital footprint that we leave every time when we surf on Internet. Every time that we are connected, we lose the control over the data that we leave in our way, and our personal information in a lot of cases, it’s being marketed to third parties.
In Data Shop, the viewers will find themselves in an enormous supermarket. They could walk and see different kinds of product shelves in their way. Hundreds of cans with different labels that explain the products that are inside. In this case, the personal data of their own artists with different personal information on each one of them.
This artwork is an approach to the purchase of personal data from the role reversal. Showing the problem of the lack of transparency of digital information, generating an analogy between the digital and physical trade. The return of the consumer, of the can. So present in our Warholian imaginary. With a review of our behavior patterns.
Data Shop is a project of Varvara & Mar (Varvara Guljajeva and Mar Canet).