Clarity Diving

It’s important to consider who is an artist through a lens of his/her creative activity without analyzing his/her personality traits. As we all have unique personalities, I would concentrate on what is common in people who practice art. Solitude – yes, for sure. Artists need to isolate themselves in order to create. Sublimation of the inputs and concentration is essential to go beneath everyday duties and social activities. When the idea is being formed in the mind, the next step is to be confronted with materiality and public. I understand materiality as a medium and the public as anybody who is not involved in the initial creation. This phase of confrontation, materialization, and public reception is particular for all people who do art. The ability and need to communicate what cannot be communicated by any other means than art drives artists to create. Maybe there is a built-in unfulfillment in the artist’s soul that has to be filled only by a new creation. It can be a longing for an experience, a feeling that is in-between what is felt and real, but not yet existing. The process when the work is getting objective and finally shared is like a self-discovery for an artist. I’m convinced that this self-discovery is instantly available for the public, too. Suddenly everyone is invited to a collective transfer of formed, sometimes titled, but yet unnamed and unique experience. Going forward, maybe all »art« already exists and artists just sense it and access it through their imaginations. In that sense, art is a discovery and the artist is the one who delivers the discovery.