Mátyás Dunajcsik

The Edge of Reality

The Edge of Reality is a project of research and reflection, revolving around places and situations where so called »fiction« and so called »reality« intertwine. Its main aim is to lay the foundations of a future novel by the author Mátyás Dunajcsik, a Hungarian writer currently residing in Schloss Solitude after having spent two years living in Iceland.

The Edge of Reality #1

Dream Destinations: The Parallel Worlds of Venice and Iceland

Throughout my life, I’ve had two great geographical obsessions: first Venice and then Iceland. No two places in Europe can be more different, you might say; going from one to the other seems like giving up the convoluted cavatinas of a Monteverdi opera for the brutal battle cry of a Viking warrior. Venice is the very essence of urbanity, while Iceland is all about nature: even its capital city sits on the seashore facing the magnificent mount Esja looks like

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The Edge of Reality #0

Living On The Edge: An Introduction

I have always been, and chose to remain, a child who refuses to distinguish between fairytales and reality. Having come from a relatively average middle-class Eastern-European family with no specific traumas passed down to my generation from times of oppression, crisis and mass murder, the stories that most defined me were not mine or my ancestors’ in particular, but belonged to the broader cultural tradition of Europe and its Eastern regions. The most important memories I have from my childhood

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