Web Resident Hang Do Thi Duc

Me And My Facebook Data

Your Facebook data is available for download! This blog documents explorations of and experiments with this data. I will analyze and examine the information Facebook provides with alternative visualizations, so we can better understand the real value of our data profiles. Posts are by Hang Do Thi Duc, designer, artist, technologist.

Me And My Facebook Data #2

What’s more important: the privacy of users or their security? That’s a hard question and it probably depends on many parameters. Security reasons are often presented to defend some kind of violation of our privacy. The government would say that mass surveillance by the government is necessary to find terrorists, for example, or, more project specific: Facebook would argue that they need to track the user’s location and their web activity to effectively protect the account information against hackers or

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Me And My Facebook Data #1

For the past year I have been working on a project called Data Selfie, an installation (22-8miles.com/data-selfie/) and a Chrome Extension (dataselfie.it) that provide a personal perspective on data mining, predictive analytics and our online data identity through Facebook. I created this to track myself on Facebook and (later in collaboration with Regina Flores Mir) to enable other users to track themselves on the platform. That data can then be analysed and predictions can be made. For the Web Residency

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