Luke Wilkins

How To End a Novel?

The writing process of my debut novel »Jeff«, which was released at the end of 2018, took thirteen years. To be thrown out of this process into the time following the writing equals the landing on a foreign planet. I will examine this planet and the conditions of its soil through several test digs.

How To End a Novel #1

The Rupture Is the Bonding

Scroll down for German version. Recently I was sitting on a bench in a little park in Stuttgart. Not far from the bus stop on Kleiststrasse. I was just hanging around and I noticed that autumn had arrived, yellow leaves were falling from the trees. A major traffic artery roared behind me, crossed too by the no. 92 bus that I would later be catching home to my new residency in Schloss Solitude. 50 metres ahead of me hung a

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