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…the encounter between works of art and home. about the magic things that are happening in the domestic box.

Homemade Culture #1, March 2017

My Body Is an Art Residency

lorgennale Zagreb – In Six Rooms The pilot edition of lorgennale was organized in Zagreb/Croatia. The next one is coming to Stuttgart from May 24th to 28th, 2017. There will soon be an open call for people who want to open their houses for an art event. room no. 6 the sixth room was the most beautiful. because it was in a big apartment in the center of zagreb. because I’ll be living here for three days, the last days.

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Art Festival

Homemade Culture

»Where others see a living-room, I see a stage.« Researcher, writer, artist, and performer Jean-Lorin Sterian organizes a shifting art festival hosted by various domestic spaces across European cities: lorgennale. In this blog, he shares his experiences and insights visiting apartments, organizing events, discovering new artistic potential. What is contained in the four walls? The unconscious of a society? In addition to the blog, an interactive map collects homemade arts and culture events worldwide. Soon the artistic experiments will happen

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