by Solitude fellows

Anita’s Archive

This section is dedicated to the tales and treasures of Solitude’s archivist, Anita. The archive has collected all kinds of different documentation of the fellows’ activities for the last 25 years. It comprises art work, books, and letters as well as video and audio works from more than 1,300 artists and scientists from all over the world, about which there are at least just as many stories to be told.

Performing Arts

5 Love Songs »5 Love songs came as a formal exercise reflecting my own experience during my first months in Solitude back in the end of 2009. On the third week I got very sick and for a month it was hard for me to move much. It was deep snow outside and I was spending big part of my day in front of the computer – reading, talking with friends but also watching music videos and dancing in my office chair.«

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