Brain to Brain – Modulator

Experimental Communicative System

In BB-Psycho-Modulator project I am using a brain-machine interface (BMI), which reads the activity of cerebral cortex that is subsequently used as a source of number sequences. These numbers are translated into values that power the stochastic processes and are synthesized into complex visual patterns. Reading of waves and stochastic visual modulation take place in real time. The final project uses two human brains. Signals from one brain are sent to the other and back on the basis of brain to brain interface (helmet). Impulses are delivered in the form of very low frequency waves. Initial tests have shown the ability of establishing a sophisticated communicational connection between two brains and complex interferential patterns. The connection between brains may deliver solutions, which can’t be achieved by the brains working independently – new central nervous system consisting of two brains. The project examines systems of stimulation, perception, game and exchange between numerous brains.