Bornless Immortality

Omsk Social Club would like to create a new work that investigates Living Bodies, systems and codes of mutual care and interspecies economies of care gamification. Focusing on both a historical karmic position through to a contemporary digital model of mechanics, concepts, pathways and resources offered up by immortalizing social digitality.

Evolution is an unconscious luxury – slow and without control, whilst Progression is a brutal hard fork – radical in its virtue yet difficult to implement and even more challenging to adopt.

The difference between Darwinism’s and Karma theory is that in karma the individuals mutate through different life forms from life to life. This requires a subtle mental level of life to be composed that caries between the species > interspecies. It is not an act of fate because if the body/mind vessel acknowledges their constant succession of reincarnation they can alter their behaviour in order to change the ranking of their next life. In Darwinism, fighting to live at the costs of others seems imperative to succeed in his life. Both lifestyle choices, Karma and Darwin argue cause and effect to be the prominent system but the karmic cycle equals evolutionary action rather than mere evolutionary by demand. In many cases people have been revived after flatling – They come back to report the most intense subjective experiences from the hospital bed.

It is well known that you can indeed hack the karmic cycle by Engineering Self and Communal Care.

Act X

Blood is something that politics can’t integrate
Blood is Feminized
Blood is Marginalized
Blood is separated from Life and Re-absorbed as Life
Blood is the cursed image that is only enjoyable when we consented to it.

Becoming X
This state of becoming is very useful,
much more so than Arriving
We are not aiming to arrive.

Final Act
Use the body as a vessel for life, not a subjective tool to view life
Altering the habitual self-identification process, we now know as life
Engaging in Lucid Life – A system that structures vessels of experince rather than a vessel of automation
Zen Speed Organic
3 Lifestyle choices
Between the Dream state and Waking state.

Omsk Social Club forks traditional methods of Live Action Role Play (Larp) through immersive installations into Real Game Play (RGP). Inducing states that could potentially be a fiction or a yet, unlived reality. Omsk works closely with networks of viewers, everything is unique and unrehearsed. The live installations they create examine virtual egos, popular experiences and political phenomena. Allowing the works to become a dematerialized hybrid of modern-day culture alongside the participant’s unique personal experiences. In the past Omsk Social Club’s RGP’s that have introduced landscapes and topics such as rave culture, survivalism, catfishing, desire&sacrifice, positive trolling, communal trauma algorithmic strategies and decentralized cryptocurrency.

They have exhibited across Europe in various institutions, galleries and off-sites such as Martin Gropius Bau, House of Electronic Kunst Basel, Migros Museum für Gegenwartskunst, Zürich, HKW, Berlin, CCCB, Barcelona and Onasis Foundation, Athens. They were recently awarded The New Networked Normal Project Grant in 2018 with !Mediengruppe Bitniks for their Cryptorave series and were included in 6th Athens Biennale (2018), Transmediale Festival (2019), Impakt Festival (2018) and The Influencers(2018).