Aqua System Solitude Playground

hardware – software; illusion – imagination; subjective – objective; digital – analog; water – sand; rain – sun; 3D – 2D; wall – room; virtual – real; drawing – photography, pencil – mouse; paper – display; play – work; cycle – one way; solitude – business; child – adult; artist – viewer; journalist – citizen; game – over; path – labyrinth; chaos – structure; link – association; word – image; hyperimage – context; eye – hand; 1 – 0; choice – random; amateur – professional; time – space; network – isolation; negative – positive; nothing – all; optimistic-pessimistic; enthusiasm – resignation; individual – collective;

These are the dialectic keywords for my work in general but can also give access to my plans for a web residency on Schlosspost. The project should alternate between to two pairs of poles, mentioned above and thus open a mental landscape of constant shift, chance of perspective and meaning. I consider it both a serious experiment and senseless game. In the end, the viewer and myself will have lost some of our lifetime and gained some virtual experience, which is nonetheless attached to our perception of so called reality.