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Call No. 2 for Web Residencies by Solitude & ZKM in 2017 is out! Curator and net artist Claudia Maté calls for all art disciplines, send your patterns, your rhythms, your chaos! Deadline: June 23, 2017 – Link in bio @claudiamate #akademiesolitude #zkmkarlsruhe#webres2017 #bysolitudezkm #digitalsolitude #schlosspost #digitalart #artists #coder #patterns #visual #music #sculpture #games #writing
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Carlos Amorales' VIVA ARTE VIVA is a set of poems, a graphical musical score, an encrypted story written from an alphabet of abstract 3D forms. #mexicanpavilion #takeover #feiliu
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Mariechen Danz's Ore Oral Orientation. #takeover #feiliu
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Dragan Zdravković in the #serbianpavilion subverts the official space of art with "Space for Artwork 2" made in 2007. (He paid for a Biennale entrance ticket) #takeover #feiliu
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Digital Solitude fellow Fei Liu is posting with her highlights from the Venice Biennale. Samson Young's immersive sound and installation piece "Songs for Disaster Relief" for the Hong Kong pavilion questions the politics and ideologies embodied in pop songs as they are performed for charity events. From his interview on The Art Newspaper: " I had the hunch that at this moment in time, charity singles—like USA for Africa’s We Are the World and Band Aid’s Do They Know It’s Christmas?—are something interesting to think about. Then I make a kind of mental mind-map: to the 1980s, and the rise of the global pop music industry, and how that coincided with the rise of neoliberalism, and the consolidation of power by people like Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher." #SamsonYoung #HKpavilion #takeover #feiliu
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Does drinking beer on the street count as participation in civic life? Some who've been in Berlin for a long time probably want to say no, but it's inspiring that the May Day in Kreuzberg is a sanctioned event.
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Memory Void and the Holocaust Tower at the Jewish Museum Berlin
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Somewhere in the middle, the human stops understanding, and the machine starts to understand. Featuring FAILING TO DISTINGUISH BETWEEN A TRACTOR TRAILER AND THE BRIGHT WHITE SKY, #JamesBridle solo show at Nome Gallery #takeover #feiliu
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I was told that when I arrive onto the other planet that my nails would turn into crushed crystals, so that we could communicate to each other easily in the darkness of the void. But I was also told that the covetting and pageantry of these nails would be an offense punishable by International Galactic law. #akademiesolitude #digitalsolitude #takeover #feiliu #vr #games
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LOL, if you see something. Because it is too late to say something. Featuring "Is anybody home lol" and "Surveillance Chess" from Mediengruppe Bitnik. #akademiesolitude #digitalsolitude #takeover #feiliu
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