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Procrastinating a bit today because it is wonderful weather yet I have to work on the outline of the full colloquium I will be teaching this semester - starting next Tuesday - at Merz Akademie. The course will be Software Studies oriented - with a main focus on software politics. It will give the students more insight into uncovering the politics inherent to any technology, and understanding the ramifications of these often stacked and obfuscated rules or protocols. At the end of the semester i will teach a similar but much shorter - quarter - curriculum at Leuphana university.
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While walking up to the villa, I pass driveways winding towards their towers, surrounded by big fences. I wonder, but quite a few of the castle-like buildings are censored in google maps and they only offer illegible signs at their gates. I am in Wannsee and this, apparently, is a rich and mysterious neighborhood. When I arrive at the fortress, it seems a little less impressive, but still very huge. A concierge waits for me in the hallway. He shakes my hand. His name is Luz, he says, "wait in the hallway or go anywhere, here, we have no secrets!" He adds with a grin. I walk through the ballroom and onto the balcony that looks over a private harbour. A storm is incoming, but it dissipates as soon as it arrives, with one big bang. I go back to the hallway and sit on a marble bench that carries the engravings "a lot of professionals are crackpots". I wait for the professor to finally pick me up. After the interview, a private cook prepares us dinner. In the room next to us, the library that features a photo of Goebbels above the fireplace, a party for the famous Russian Oligarch just started. But we are not invited. Over coffee we speak a bit about CIA recruitment amongst hackers and then I leave. In passing, I try to catch a glimmer of the Russian party. I do not recognise anyone; they are all dressed in black with shiny shoes. The one woman wearing a colourful attire looks angry at me... I stumble past the marble seat and exit the building. Oh Wahnsinn am Wannsee, lets please try and make it back to Solitude ASAP.
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"Hi Rosa. I am .... secret messages using DCT ENCRYPTION are the best mail I ever got. <3
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Cool! Ok so tomorrow. Interview with one of my idols Wendy Chun for an upcoming Sonic Acts book publication. I will survive and then return to my Solitude habitat. Good night, and enjoy spring!!
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When a digital artist creates a work, they often consider what is part of the work. The software, the domain, or just the data? When an institution buys an archive instead of the work, the artist is forced to reconsider the work again. Today I learned that this is actually quite complex task and that it involves quite a bit of research inside old folders... #nofiltersunday ( <- that's of course a joke ; )
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A digital fellow does not just work with digital media, and real life is no longer just analogue. For some years some of those theories are now written as #postdigital. Genres such as #vaporwave and #seapunk also resulted from this development - although these movements were mostly aesthetically focused. Anyway- I am a digital fellow but I don believe digital content can only be digital and has to exist only on the computer... alas more some other day, time to hit the bed : )
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Nephology: on the Icebergs in our sky. On Earth, clouds are formed by the saturation of air in the troposphere, stratosphere and mesosphere. The air may be cooled to its dew point by a variety of atmospheric processes, or it may gain moisture (usually in the form of water vapor) from an adjacent source. Sometimes, these processes happen at the same time. This is why a cloud might visually look very different from the shape it has metereologically. In reality, the clouds we see are like the tip of an iceberg, reaching into the atmospheres around it as a constant feedback loop, breaking up, evaporating and re-forming again - these are its silver linings.
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Its a Grau Saturday at Schloss.
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ッ☘ツ☘☻☘ヅ☘ジ DCT:SYPHONING won a New Face Award yesterday! Yeay! Thank you 20th 文化庁メディア芸術祭 | Japan Media Arts Festival for a New Face Award, a big honour!
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While computer is rendering another success of the day is jailbreaking art tax free out of the tollamt Hafen. This should be a song but too much highway traffic it would not do my sweet little voice justice @.@
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