Trapped Between Intimate Time Space, Help Them with Transdimensional Fedex

The great benefit of the contemporary Internet is the assertion of individuality it provides. However, the primary force of a centralized internet is not the transcendental affirmation of subjectivity but the handful of free platforms they’re provided on.

Currently, the ingenuity of the Internet’s »Wild West« has devolved to the content aggregation sites of Big Web. The last decade characterized by the rise of Silicon Valley and the grooming of consumers into product. This change was primarily effected through three web-components: Adsense Views, Small Scale Digital Retail, and Astroturfed Native Advertising. Being online is to be in constant connection with the Big Web as even this website contains the »Like/Tweet/Share« trackers of Alexa’s Top 20, relaying a user’s detailed browsing habits to the R&D departments of Facebook and Twitter respectively. The beginning of the Decentralization would be the tackling of the affirmation of the individual characteristic to our current Internet.

My plan is to create an offline-online object that subverts the basic exchange between the Big Web and the individual user. This exchange typically being the free access to the compiled data of social platforms at the cost of your own data contributed to their greater sum. I’m going to essentially create a site-specific transparent metadata honey pot that takes application permissions to their full extent and asks a user for its anonymous contribution in exchange for access to the greater compilation.